Cheese Tasting – Hand Selected Artisanal Cheeses

From a cheese lover’s perspective 10 years ago South Africa has been a desert.
For a good local cheese you had to look for a needle in the haystack.
Times have changed and meanwhile there are great cheeses in abundance, most of them made by small and micro cheese dairies.
We have selected a number of award winning cheeses, amongst them the Dalewood Huguenot ® and the Dalewood Lanquedoc™ from Dalewood Fromage, the Karoo Crumble and the Karoo Sunset by Langbaken Karoo Cheese, the Forest Phantom and the Buttercup from Belnori Boutique Cheesery, the Wegraakbosch Farm’s Mutschli and the Knoppies by Baris Cheese, just to name a few.

For our cheese tastings we follow the principles of the composition of a classical French cheese platter. As such you will get introduced to a sample of each of these cheese types:

  • Fresh/Unripened cheese including goats cheese
  • Soft, mold-ripened cheese
  • Soft, washed-rind cheese
  • Semi-firm cheese
  • Hard, aged cheese
  • Blue Cheese

Together with the cheese board we provide water and bread to cleanse the palate as well as jam, preserves, fruit and nuts to complement and enhance the flavours.

Pre-booking essential, ZAR 195.– per person.

Which cheese exactly will be served in each category is dependent on availability. Our artisanal suppliers work with the seasons, so not all cheeses are constantly available. But we assure each category will always be represented by an artisanal cheese of finest quality.

Images in our cheese section are courtesy of Langbaken Cheese and Dalewood Fromage, two of our artisanal cheese suppliers.
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